Virtual Classes

The Muskoka Limberettes Gymnastics Club is excited to offer a four-week session of virtual online classes for Kindergym and Recreational programs. The classes, which are 30 minutes in length, will take place on Zoom. The cost is $20.00 for your first registration, with a 25% discount for each additional child registered. All participants must be registered with Gymnastics Ontario. We do require that only children registered in the class participate.

Kindergym: Tuesdays @ 4:30 pm or Thursdays @ 10:00 am

The Kindergym class will be focusing on basic gross motor skills. Participants will explore locomotions, statics, stretches, and strength building through games, challenges, and activities that can be done at home.

Recreational: Tuesdays @ 5:30 pm or Thursdays @ 11:00 am

The Recreational class will be focusing on strength, flexibility, and basic gymnastic skills using challenges and games.

Classes begin Tuesday May 19th. Registration can be done online. Once registered, you will be emailed a Zoom link one day prior to each class.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Please be sure to read the guidelines and disclaimer below.

Guidelines for In-Home Training

It is essential that all training be undertaken in an environment conducive to physical conditioning, jumping, and some acrobatics. This should include:

  • Enough ceiling height for the exercises you will perform
  • Adequate distance from obstructions (including walls, furniture, family members)
  • Use of appropriately padded exercise surfaces such as yoga mats, fold-out gymnastics mats, or similarly padded alternatives
  • Appropriate clothing and bare feet

Please be advised that only those registered are to participate in the class. All participants must be registered with Gymnastics Ontario.

Virtual Classes – Disclaimer

Information, instructions and content provided by representatives of Gymnastics Ontario (such as coaches, instructors and staff) as part of online programming (such as webinars, remote conferences, workshops, online training and links) is provided on the condition that it will not be the basis of any claim, demand, or cause for action. Participants acting on the information, instructions, or content of online programming (such as by performing actions, stretches, routines, or maneuvers) do so voluntarily and at their own risk. Participants are responsible for ensuring their physical environment and location is free from hazards, equipment, or other item or factor that may cause harm to the participant. Participants will not be disadvantaged or disciplined for exercising caution and/or for declining to act on the information, instructions, or content of online programming if they reasonably believe such action may cause them risk or harm.