Frequent Questions

Here are some common questions we receive about Muskoka Limberettes programs.

What should my child wear to gymnastics?

Children should wear athletic clothing such as shorts or leggings and a t-shirt. Clothing should be free of any belts, buckles, or buttons, or skirts. A gymnastics body suit is acceptable but not necessary in our recreational classes. All children will go barefoot in the gym. Long hair is to be securely tied back and all jewelry must be removed.

What do I do when I arrive for class?

Shoes and belongings are to be left in the Sportsplex changerooms or with a parent. The Sportsplex staff will buzz people through the turnstiles if you let them know you are going to gymnastics. Children will enter the gym through the double doors past the Sportsplex turnstiles and wait on the blue benches until a coach calls them for their class to begin.

My child is new to gymnastics. What class should I register them in?

Our classes are determined by age. Your child should be registered in the age appropriate class (see information on the Recreational page) and the coach will work with each child in the group at their own level whether they are beginners or have lots of experience.

My child is interested in the competitive program, how do I join?

Our competitive program is by invitation only. The program is generally more demanding both physically and mentally, and the time commitment is far more substantial than our recreational program. Competitive gymnastics involves a lot of commitment, repetition, perfection, and conditioning. If you are interested in seeing if you child is right for our competitive program please contact the office at to schedule a try-out or for more information. During a try-out we are looking for strength, flexibility, listening skills, a willingness to try new things, mental toughness, and confidence. Basic skills are not a prerequisite.

Why didn’t my child pass their Cangym level?

There are many reasons a child might not pass a level. To pass a Cangym level, a child must be able to demonstrate competence in all skills on the report. Our level system is progressive and for children to move on safely, they must first master the basic skills. As levels increase, skills become more difficult and it often takes a few 8-week sessions to master these more challenging skills. Alternately if a child is absent from 2 or more classes in an 8-week session they may not have enough time in the gym to work on the skills required to pass the level.

My child really wants to do gymnastics, but I can’t afford the class. Is there any financial assistance available?

Being a non-profit gymnastics club, we are not able to provide financial assistance to families. Within the community, financial assistance is often available to those in need from the JumpStart program and Children’s Foundation of Muskoka.