Invitational Athletes

These athletes are 9 years and older and have progressed from a minimum of one year in the Pre-comp program. Invitational athletes will compete in levels 1 – 5 at invitational competitions. They will have the opportunity to compete in several competitions throughout the year. The competitive season is from February to June. We will recommend when the athlete is ready for competition and suggest which competitions to attend. Training time is up to 12 hours per week.

Provincial Athletes

Athletes who are 9 years of age and older and have chosen to compete at the provincial level will be required to train a minimum of 16 hours per week (4 days). Provincial athletes compete in levels 6 – 9. They will compete in three qualifying competitions during the season. If the athlete attains a minimum score (this score is decided upon by Gymnastics Ontario) then the athlete competes at Provincial Championships. In addition to this competition schedule, they will also be encouraged to go to Invitational meets in the spring to gain more experience at competing and to try out new skills for the next competitive season.

Training Groups and Training Schedule

Each year the training groups and training schedule is determined by the head coach and associate coaches.  The head coach will meet with competitive athletes and their families to discuss competitive goals for the season and steps to achieve them. You will be informed in late August what days and hours your athlete will be training.  Training days and times are at the discretion of the head coach and may be adjusted as the season progresses.

Once accepted into the program, the athlete may be directed to alternative programs under the recommendations of the head coach or coach. Competitive Program classes are wyckhamporteous scheduled on a yearly basis; however, there are breaks periodically throughout the year. We train over the Christmas holiday and during the March break.